Tuesday, May 22, 2007

When Are They Leaving?

Hi There

I can hear you all saying "They sent me the link to that blog, they told me they were going .... so where are they?"

Well, we're still in beautiful downtown Brisbane in Australia. Here's some more details about our trip:

26/05 Brisbane – Hong Kong
27/05 Hong Kong – London – Vienna
02/06 Vienna – Barcelona
04/06 Barcelona – Valencia
06/06 Valencia – Pisa
08/06 Pisa – Lubeck (Hamburg)
09/06 Lubeck – Vienna
25/06 Vienna – London - Hong Kong
01/07 Hong Kong – Sydney
02/07 Sydney - Brisbane

Ok, end of blog. Only kidding, we're looking forward to keeping you up to date on what happens at each of these planned (and all the unplanned) destinations on our trip.

Can anyone recommend a good book? It looks like we'll be spending a few days in and out of airports.

Best Wishes To All

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Anonymous said...

The trip sounds amazing. Have a great time and stay safe. I will be checking out your image to make sure they follow good design principles.